Your Energy Solution Partner

AEP OnSite Partners delivers value and innovation with behind-the-meter services and solutions that assist our customers in reducing the energy spend and achieving any other goals specifically tied to their energy consumption. We are able to deliver these energy solutions due to our deep understanding of existing and emerging energy technologies, commodity market fundamentals, and structuring techniques. In the end, AEP OnSite Partners will develop, design, install, own and operate the customer-centric energy asset investment, while you focus on operating and growing your business.

Our Process

Our energy experts collaborate with your team to understand the specific operational needs of your business. During this collaboration process, AEP OnSite Partners will deliver comprehensive energy solutions using the following distinctive capabilities:

  • Technical Knowledge – We develop energy solutions that are derived from our understanding and experiences with existing and emerging energy technologies. AEP has been operating energy assets since the early 1900’s in order to meet the needs of its customers.
  • Market Knowledge – As an active participant in energy markets across the U.S., we are able to leverage this market knowledge to identify opportunities that are unique to your location. This market knowledge can help reduce the cost of the solution or create additional value streams from the solution that otherwise would have been stranded.
  • Investment Capital – We are excited about your business and your future prospects and demonstrate that through our willingness to provide the capital for the optimized solution chosen. We will fund the entire upfront costs of the energy solution as well its on-going costs so that you can focus on your enterprise.
  • Customer Insight – We listen to the specific desires of our customers and give them greater control and options for identifying the solution that meets all of their requirements.



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