Your Energy Solution Partner

AEP OnSite Partners works directly with customers to deliver comprehensive energy solutions based upon our market knowledge, technical expertise, and deal structuring capabilities.

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What can AEP OnSite Partners do to reduce your costs?

By assessing your current energy usage and costs, we can make energy solution recommendations that will deliver savings. AEP OnSite Partners will conduct the technical analysis to determine the correct solutions for the situation, provide the operational support to minimize any performance risk, and the investment capital so that your business can remain focused on your products and customers.

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Energy Asset Solutions

AEP OnSite Partners provides investment capital for behind-the-meter systems and technologies, including solar, combined heat and power, energy storage, waste heat recovery, fuel cells, electrical substations, and peaking generation resources.

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Case Studies

Our Case Studies

AEP OnSite Partners is a leading provider of behind-the-meter solutions that assist customers in reducing their energy spend and achieving any other goals specifically tied to their energy consumption. Click on any of the case studies below to learn more about the solutions we have implemented for our customers.

City of Clyde – A Municipality Harnesses Energy

AEP OnSite Partners is the City of Clyde’s chosen energy partner with work spanning two distributed generation projects. AEP OnSite’s work with Clyde includes a 3.65 MW Solar Energy Center (June 2016) and a 10 MW Natural Gas Generation Facility (December 2020). Overview Cities and communities across the country interested in gaining more control of …

Distribution Center – Backup Power Made Easy

AEP OnSite provides enough onsite power to back up 100% of the customer’s facility. AEP OnSite delivered 3 MW of natural gas generators that began operating in June 2021. Within the first year of its inception and when the energy market was extremely volatile, the customer gained significant savings and price certainty through an innovative …

Rice Lake Utilities – Reducing grid demand and controlling costs with solar

The Rice Lake solar array is a 3.75 MW-AC photovoltaic solar generation array located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Through a solar Purchase Power Agreement (PPA), Rice Lake Utilities purchases a portion of their electricity supply from this solar array, which AEP OnSite Partners built, owns and operates. By locking in a portion of their electricity …

Pilkington North America – Reaching Sustainability Goals With Solar

Project Overview The solar project will produce approximately 2.5 million kWhs of renewable energy annually and will offset about 50% of the energy used at the site’s Automotive Advanced Assembly Facility. The output of this 1.9 MW-DC solar array placed in service in June 2022 will offset about 30,000 tons of carbon emission during the contract life, helping contribute …

We Build Projects All Over The Country

AEP OnSite Partners has a geographically diverse array of behind-the-meter projects throughout the U.S. Our projects include solar installations, energy storage assets, electrical substations, fuel cells, and more. In addition to AEP OnSite Partner’s projects, you can also view the projects for AEP Renewables, our sister company.

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