Helping organizations meet their sustainability goals.

Onsite solar helps meet your sustainability while also demonstrating your environmental commitment to employees and customers. Our turn-key solutions are powered from experts that help guide, inform, execute and ultimately maintain your onsite solar array project. All with no upfront capital required.


Reaching Sustainability Goals with Onsite Solar

An Ohio facility of a global leading supplier of glass and glazing systems helped contribute to the company’s sustainability goals of reducing carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. It’s 2022 onsite solar project produces 2.5 million kWhs of renewable energy annually and offsets about 50% of the energy used at the facility. It also offsets about 30,000 tons of carbon emissions during the lifetime of their contract. Read this interesting case study of how the experts at AEP OnSite Partners collaborated to bring this turn-key solution to life.

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Benefits of Onsite Solar

Onsite solar involves the use of available land or roof space at one or several locations that have been selected based on several metrics, including energy usage patterns and weather correlations, geographic location, local energy pricing and regulatory environment, to optimize the full benefits of solar energy. Producing a portion of your energy near where it’s consumed has many benefits, including:

  1. Visibly demonstrate support for clean energy to employees and customers
  2. Improve bottom line with potential to reduce long-term energy costs
  3. Reduce its dependency on grid-generated electricity
  4. Lessen grid consumption
  5. Decrease distribution costs

Our team has the expertise to execute your sustainability goals and maximize the benefits of onsite solar, with zero capital costs and a team of experts to manage your asset throughout its life.

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