Price certainty you can count on.

Our behind-the-meter solutions offer businesses long-term price certainty with a fixed supply price and savings during costly, high demand days. Our experts work with you to find the right technology to meet your goals and provide turnkey services that include planning and analysis, design, ongoing operations and project management.


Controlling costs for the community.

With a 3.75 MW-AC solar array installed on site, a local utility was able to purchase a portion of their electricity supply with a fixed price from this solar array. By locking in a price, the utility can save money during peak demand times and keep costs under control for this small rural community.

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End-to-end solutions with cost benefits.

Behind-the-meter solutions offers business continuity during power outages, plus savings and protection against rising energy costs. We are technology agnostic, which enables a wide array of options and selection of the best technical solutions for your business.

Our turnkey solutions bring value to your business by delivering a long-term, fixed price energy supply contract. Regardless of whether the onsite asset is producing power, or if the power is being sold to you from the market, a fixed price per kilowatt hour is paid for the during the duration of the contract. This simple approach allows you to not only benefit from receiving back-up power during outages, but it reduced your risk to volatile energy costs.

The best part? All of our solutions require zero capital and maintenance from your business.

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Advice and tips for energy use.

We’re committed to powering a brighter future for our customers and the places they live. Read our blog to learn more about how we do the right thing every time.

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