Keep your business running smoothly.

Extreme weather events and grid outages are disruptive to business productivity and profitability. Our turn-key resiliency solutions help you take back control of your energy usage and create the business continuity you expect.


Backup power made easy.

A major distribution center for a leading retailer needed reliable power since it was becoming less dependable due to the utility’s aging infrastructure. These power outages were costly for the business as it disrupted the ability to deliver goods to their retail outlets. Natural gas generators were installed that provided long-term price certainty and back-up power that will serve 100% of the customer’s electric needs.

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Improve reliability with zero upfront capital.

While power disruptions seem to occur more frequently these days, they are inevitable and costly to your business. When equipment loses power, it can have significant impact to your bottom line when productivity, inventory, and revenue are lost.

Our energy experts provide a turnkey, customized resiliency solution to minimize the negative impact outages can have on your profitability. The best part? Not only will you be able to keep your businesses running smoothly, but also generate revenue for your business by leveraging our expertise through energy market participation. And, you get the resiliency you need at a lower cost without any up-front capital or labor.

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Energy Resiliency: An Integral Part of Your Business Operations


As extreme weather events and grid outages continue to increase in frequency, it is becoming clear that industry stakeholders must take more control of their electric load to create the business continuity that we have grown to expect in a modern society. One of the most prevalent topics in the energy market today is resiliency …