AEP OnSite Partners Battery Project Optimizes Energy for South River, NJ Residents

AEP OnSite Partners and its competitive affiliates, leading developers and operators of sustainable energy solutions and subsidiaries of American Electric Power (Nasdaq: AEP), have partnered with the borough of South River, a municipality located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, to install a 10MW/15MWh battery energy storage system, located on a half-acre site within the community. Designed to meet nearly 50% of South River’s peak power needs, the project establishes long-term energy price certainty for its 16,000 residents over a 10-year project term.

The project provides South River with the flexibility to store electricity when prices are low, and then utilize that locally stored energy when transmission grid is stressed, and electricity costs are at their highest. The project will be operated to respond to PJM market signals and reduce South River’s grid power usage during times of peak demand. AEP OnSite Partners installed a similar battery storage facility in Martinsville, Virginia earlier this year.

“We’re proud to deliver an innovative energy storage asset that will serve South River’s economic needs for years to come,” said Greg Hall, executive vice president, Energy Supply, AEP. “We are at our best when we can work in partnership with our customer to identify and develop a customized solution that will produce real and meaningful results. The South River project showcases our expertise in behind-the-meter technology and is another valuable addition to AEP OnSite Partners’ growing portfolio of customer-sited projects.”

“We were fortunate to have the expertise of AEP OnSite Partners, who were knowledgeable regarding the energy market and the technology, to help us generate economic benefits for the borough of South River,” said Mayor of South River John Krenzel. “The start of commercial operations for the South River battery storage project is a significant milestone for South River, and we are proud to celebrate this achievement with our neighbors, friends and partners who made this a reality.”

A ceremony was held Sept. 15 at the Willett Avenue substation to commemorate the project, which commenced operations in June 2022.

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